Chemical Waste Disposal
Through distillation process, we offer safe, cost effective, and professional chemical waste...
Waste Water Treatment
OASIS waste water treatment system is a chemical treatment unit. It can effectively remove waste inorganic
Recycling services including off spec and out off date chemicals, waste disposal services...


Before 2001, chemical waste disposal in Batam facing the situation as follow :

  • There are no facilities to dispose or treat chemical waste.
  • Hazardous waste have to be shipped to Jakarta for disposal, it cause risk and cost of disposal stay high
  • Limited infrastructures for hazardous waste
  • Lack of human resources who are capable of managing hazardous waste.

PT. Greenindo Tritama established on 2001, we offer a practical, professional and cost effective solution to the waste chemical disposal and waste water treatment.

Since there is no facilities to dispose and treat chemical waste and waste water in Batam before P.T. Greenindo being set up, we are concerning to reduce cost and risk for chemical disposal and waste water treatment there, with opportunity to expand in Province of Riau Kepulauan and Nationwide.

The side effect of present industrial growth is the degrading quality of water. To control water pollution is our priority.

Doing business in hazardous waste management not mean to be profit oriented as whole. P.T. Greenindo Tritama give information and solution to minimize as much as possible the production of hazardous waste. We also ensure it is used and treated properly not polluting the environment nor constituting a health hazard.